S9 students at Habitat for Humanity BCNJ ReStore

School to work programs at Y.A.L.E. School: Career preparation and training for young adults ages 18–21

Gainful employment is a fundamental building block of successful transition to adult life and Y.A.L.E. School leads the way with multiple school to work and career preparation options.

Our programs offer vocational and pre-vocational assessment and instruction, job sampling, job shadowing and job coaching, self- advocacy skills, and community mobility training.

Y.A.L.E. School’s Autism campuses offer transition consultation services and support, including the Green Tech Activity Lab for students ages 18 and older. Students at the Ellisburg Autism transition program spend approximately two-thirds of their week outside of the classroom at campus and community-based work experiences.

Our Emotional and Behavioral Support campuses offer transition and career preparation services including the unique GreenVision electronics recycling program. Students can exit school with post-secondary supports in place, most often in the form of a job and/or college placement.

The Standard 9 program offers students from our Social Learning campuses the opportunity to continue academic work while receiving instruction in career preparation and independent living skills. They participate in both community-based and on campus internships and apprenticeships. Students also run a school-based enterprise called Y.E.S. Designs. Starting in 2016, students can apply for Project SEARCH, a one-year full-immersion internship program.

Other school to work experiences and job training opportunities

School to work internships and job sampling programs are offered by several of our campuses. All school to work experiences are considered Structured Learning Experiences (SLE). These opportunities play an important role in a student’s transition plan. The plan should be sequential and build job readiness, career awareness and individual responsibility as an employee. Each student’s plan is individualized based on his or her interests, strengths and preferences. Students can participate in internships and apprenticeships both on campus and at businesses in the community.

Some of the past and current businesses that have hosted Y.A.L.E. School school to work students:

  • Angelo’s Townline Auto
  • Arrowhead Tennis
  • B&M Custom Cabinetry
  • CamTech Computers
  • Cherry Hill Mall
  • Collingswood Manor
  • Collingwood Library
  • Insectarium
  • Merchant Deli
  • Minuteman Press
  • Once Unto A Child
  • OPEX
  • Whole Foods

To learn more about the school to work options offered at our campuses, please contact an admissions coordinator.