Y.A.L.E. School recognizes that all of our students need to become competent, self-directed citizens in their community, whether they are going on to higher education or preparing for the working world.

Students have weekly instruction in transition areas including daily living skills, financial literacy, self-determination, and employment skills following the Council for Exceptional Children Life Centered Education (LCE) Curriculum.

Our staff also helps each student set realistic goals for life after graduation based on assessed interests, strengths, and preferences. We develop transition plans that shape opportunities and experiences in authentic settings to promote career awareness and offer hands-on experiences supported by job coaching and job development. Y.A.L.E. School transition curriculum cultivates a range of foundational skills for success and quality of life, including self-advocacy, problem-solving, recreation skills, independent living skills, and transportation training.

Y.A.L.E. School also offers programs for students ages 18-21 who need additional transition preparation.