Y.A.L.E. Life Skills House

Y.A.L.E. Life Skills House

810 Pennsylvania Avenue, Cherry Hill, NJ

Responsibilities for home organization, food safety, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and general maintenance are all important skills for independent living that Y.A.L.E. considers essential for transitioning from school to adulthood.

Problem solving, following directions, completing tasks, managing time well, and asking for help when needed are all important pre-employment skills with future benefits that can be cultivated through common household chores. Along with taking pride in this shared environment, students learn to communicate with one another outside of a classroom setting, enjoying an informal meal they’ve prepared or a job well-done with their peers.

The Life Skills House offers the following:

  • Family-style Kitchen with all appliances for basic meal prep and clean-up
  • Dining Room for serving, etiquette, and clearing
  • Living Room for cleaning, decorating, and relaxation
  • Bedroom for bed-making and closet organization
  • Laundry Room fully equipped for washing, drying, and folding
  • Game Room for socializing
  • Grounds for gardening, planting, weeding, and mowing
  • And more!