Mobility and Driving Simulator

Located at the Y.A.L.E. campus complex on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, our state-of-the art driving simulator provides students with valuable mobility training.

We are one of the only schools for individuals with disabilities in the country equipped with a professional driving simulator.

Our trained instructors guide students through a progressive series of driving exercises, from turning a corner to proper use of the pedals. These behind-the wheel experiences help students realize the concentration and coordination required to master each skill. The systematic exposure and instruction also help Y.A.L.E. students reach safe and informed decisions about the personal travel option that’s right for them.

Y.A.L.E.’s broader developmental mobility program provides students in all grades with mobility readiness so that students gradually gain the competencies they need to navigate their communities safely and as independently as possible. Pedestrian skills, bike-riding instruction, public transportation experience, and driver’s education for those who are ready all support mobility preparation.