Y.A.L.E. actively cultivates strong partnerships in the community with companies as large as Amazon and small as local businesses.

All share our commitment to community-based skills preparation. Our partners work with us to offer internships and paid jobs, as well as valuable connections that support individual transition planning and Y.A.L.E. student-run enterprises.

We invite skilled experts to work with our students at the Y.A.L.E. Voc Skills Lab and Co-op to support individual student interests and provide expert mentoring in a range of areas such as bicycle repair and accounting. We also follow labor market trends through our membership with the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey to guide our students in purposeful directions.

In addition, we maintain close ties with adult service agencies, including the NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities. We build relationships throughout a student’s time at Y.A.L.E. School to ensure that opportunities, plans, and supports are in place upon graduation.

Y.A.L.E. School is a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey.