Seamus and Nola
Tails of Y.A.L.E. – The Scoop on Seamus and Nola, Campus Canine Companions

For the students at Y.A.L.E. School campuses in New Jersey and Philadelphia, there are two important reasons to come to school every day—beyond their studies, activities, teachers and friends: Seamus, a five-year-old black Lab, and Nola, a sweet Corgi mix with big earnest eyes. These are Y.A.L.E.’s canine ‘helpers,’ stealing hearts and providing therapeutic lessons for the students and staff.

Most days, you’ll find Seamus and his human, Fran Glickman, a long-standing Y.A.L.E. School Administrator, walking the halls, greeting everyone they meet. They may head to Fran’s office where Seamus has a cozy bed, but make no mistake, Seamus is not asleep on the job. At lunchtime, you may find a student playing catch with Seamus as a reward for good behavior, or as positive reinforcement for meeting study goals. Or his cold wet nose may show up beside a student who needs a bit of comfort while taking a test. Throughout Y.A.L.E.’s community of campuses, Seamus, known as ‘famous Seamus,’ brings joy into the lives of students and staff.

Seamus is not the only dog in a class of his own. Meet Nola the corgi, whose human Dad is Jason James, Y.A.L.E.’s math and science teacher with 15 years of service, who now is a Y.A.L.E. School recruiter. Nicknamed ‘love slug,’ Nola is gentle and loving to everyone. So much so, that on one occasion, a child previously afraid of dogs, was carefully guided by Jason to pet Nola. The young student was thrilled to have overcome his fear, and so was the child’s mother.

Both Seamus and Nola traveled a long way to become part of the Y.A.L.E family. Seamus arrived in New Jersey from Mississippi and Nola came from New Orleans. Both are pandemic-acquired dogs, rescued during a time when Fran and Jason, each seasoned dog people, knew they had the time to properly train the pups for service at school to support, comfort, teach life lessons, and share therapeutic hugs with students and staff.  Every wag of the tail and paw offered in greeting show that Seamus and Nola have found their Home Sweet Home at Y.A.L.E. School!