Fallon D.


“A few weeks ago I visited the Green Tech Lab in Cherry Hill with my mom to observe my brother, Zachary D.  We arrived at Green Tech prior to the students’ arrival.  As the students were approaching the building, Zachary had a meltdown on the bus ride.  Several staff members were needed to assist Zachary in order to calm him before entering Green Tech. We waited inside with Mr. James who updated us towards Zachary’s status.  The staff handled the situation in a way that left an impression on me even days after this occurred.  They did this so calmly, professionally, and reliably, that I could tell that they all knew exactly how to handle this kind of situation.  I was extremely impressed and I felt so secure knowing that my brother has great teachers like these.  Zachary is so blessed to be going to such an amazing school, and I know from that from this experience that he is being led in the right direction.  I was in awe over how incredibly they handled a situation like this.  I am so pleased and grateful to know that Zachary is going somewhere every day where he is so deeply cared for and loved.  I also just wanted to thank all of the amazing staff that is taking such good care of my brother.  They all go above and beyond expectations, and are wonderful at what they do.  Thank you so much for letting me witness how great this school is for my brother.”