About the Parent Portal site

This Parent Portal connects to our student information system and will allow you to view your student’s school information wherever you have an internet connection.

The information you will be able to access includes:

  • School calendar
  • Special events
  • Daily attendance
  • Homework assignments
  • Grades
  • School documents such as the Parent and Student Handbook
  • Teacher e-mail addresses

How to access the Parent Portal

You will receive a letter* from your student’s homeroom teacher that will provide you with a username and a PIN number that you will use to login to the website for the first time. When you login with this information, you will be asked to create a new username and a new password. You will also be asked to complete a security question. Once you have logged into the system successfully, we encourage you to update your e-mail address and phone number by clicking the View/Update Contacts link on the bottom of this screen.

If you have more than one student attending our schools, you will be able to link your students’ accounts together.

*For security reasons, we will not provide your student’s account information by phone or e-mail.

For help accessing or using the Parent Portal

If you need assistance or instructions for accessing the Parent Portal or for help using its functions, please refer to your Student/Parent Handbook, or Contact our Parent Portal tech support administrator.

User ID and password required to access the portal.