Dear Y.A.L.E. School Family,

In light of the news that New Jersey schools will not reopen this school year to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are grateful to our Y.A.L.E. School family for adapting quickly to the “new normal” of remote education. Parents and guardians have become educators. Dining rooms and dens have become classrooms. Our teachers and staff have moved their lesson plans online so Y.A.L.E. students didn’t miss a moment of their education.

We are thrilled to see how our Y.A.L.E. School community has overcome this new challenge and is now flourishing using online learning. Thank you to the parents, guardians, teachers and staff who made this all possible.

We’re dedicated to making sure all students and their families have the same support they have always received from Y.A.L.E. School – that’s why we’ve created a Remote Learning  section of our website, to ensure our community stays informed, and stays together even though we are apart.

We invite you to explore this Remote Learning section. You’ll find plenty of resources for families, updates from our staff and students, and much more, including:

Despite the unprecedented challenges we continue to face, we will get through this together as one Y.A.L.E. School community. If you have questions about remote learning, please see our helpful training videos, or reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher with any questions or concerns.

Stay safe, and stay in touch. Please share your updates and photos with us on social media using #YALESchoolRiseAndShine!


Y.A.L.E. School Administrative Team

New: April 1st 2020 Effective Date

Family and Medical Leave

All Employees who have been employed for at least thirty (30) calendar days are eligible to be provided with Family and Medical Leave (“FMLA”) as provided for in the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act (“EFMLEA”), a part of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. The EFMLEA becomes effective on April 1, 2020 and will remain in effect until December 31, 2020.

Eligibility for Expanded Family and Medical Leave

Employees are eligible for Expanded Family Leave when they are unable to work or telework due to a need to take care of a son or daughter, under the age of 18, whose school or day care has closed or whose child care provider is unavailable due to a public health emergency declared by any federal, state, or local authority relating to COVID-19.


Employees are eligible for 12 total weeks of leave, of which the first 10 workdays (effectively two work weeks) will be unpaid. However, employees may elect to apply any accrued vacation leave, personal leave, or sick leave for unpaid leave during this initial period. The remaining 10 weeks of leave will be paid.

Payment for leave will be calculated based on an amount equal to at least two-thirds of the employee’s regular rate of pay, multiplied by the number of hours the employee would otherwise normally be scheduled to work, up to a maximum of $200 per day. In no event will total aggregate payment for Emergency Family Medical Leave exceed $10,000. If the employee works an irregular schedule, such that standard calculation is unfeasible, the number of hours used to determine payment will be equal to the employee’s average number of hours worked over the previous six months. If the employee did not work over the previous six months, then the number of hours used for determining payment will be based on the employee’s reasonable expectation at the time of hiring of the average number of hours per day that the employee normally would be scheduled to work.

Notice of Leave Request

Employees must provide notice to the Director or building Principal as far in advance as possible. A failure to provide timely notice may result in the request being denied. Employees also must provide a written statement explaining the reason for taking leave.

Return to Work

All employees are entitled to return to their current position or a substantially similar position in accordance with the provisions of the FMLA.

Administration of This Policy

Director or building Principal is responsible for the administration of this policy. Any questions regarding this policy or questions about Expanded Family and Medical Leave that are not addressed in this policy should be directed to the Director or building Principal.

This policy addresses absences specifically for leave under the in the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act. It does not cover other absences under any other leave policy.

Any employee who abuses this policy or takes leave not in accordance with this Policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

This policy is not an employment contract and shall not be deemed to create a contract of employment, express or implied. Nothing in this policy alters the at-will nature of the employment.