Y.A.L.E. Medford middle schoolers “unearth” the biology of worms

Students at the Y.A.L.E. School Medford campus at Medford Memorial Middle School are involved in various STEM-related lessons throughout the course of the year which lead up to our annual Science Fair in the spring.

This month, Ms. Bonnette’s class of seventh graders learned about biology, anatomy, and science lab safety by dissecting earthworms.

The class spent two weeks preparing for the dissection lab by accessing information about the worms’ internal and external physiology through an iPad biology app, online web videos, and science textbooks. Instructors also coached the students in the proper handling and safety precautions of lab tools and materials.

Finally each student was able to dissect his or her own worm, marveling at the digestive system, brain, other organs. Did you know that earthworms have five hearts? Now you do! The students enjoyed the activity so much, they immediately requested more dissection labs in the future.