VIDEO: Medford campus students put science skills to the test with Bridge Break project

Each year, Mr. Jason James of the Y.A.L.E. School Mansfield Township and Medford campuses leads the annual Bridge Break experiment for science classes at the Medford campus and invited public school students from the Medford Memorial Middle School to participate.

Y.A.L.E. students were tasked with designing and building a bridge using popsicle sticks. Then each student’s bridge is subjected to a test to see how much weight it can hold before breaking. If no breakage occurs, that student moves on to the finals at the spring Science Festival.

The public school students were asked to join the Y.A.L.E. students on the day of the Bridge Break event to inspect each bridge before it is tested for strength, writing predictions for each one about how much weight they think it can withstand. Then students compared their predictions to the actual weight each bridge could hold. Some of the bridges with unusual construction or design concepts surprisingly thwarted expectations and proved many predictions wrong!

At the end of the experiment, the combined total weight carried by all of the bridge projects was 795 pounds! We are looking forward to even more science projects in the Spring when public school students and staff will be invited to join us for our Science Festival!