Math is Fun at Y.A.L.E.

Students across Y.A.L.E. School campuses are falling in love with mathematics. This fall, Mary Henderson, the new Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, introduced iReady Math, a supplemental curriculum used in math classes.

iReady Math’s interactive, computer-based program incorporates math problems into everyday scenarios, making learning relevant and engaging. Math games allow students to practice and reinforce skills.

“I have seen this new program in action in our elementary, middle, and high school classes, and I found that a vast majority of our students and teachers love it,” said Henderson. “The program adapts and adjusts to each student’s instructional level so teachers can provide individualized, differentiated instruction to each and every student. This way, no one is frustrated by math that is too difficult or bored with math that is too easy,” she added.

Students are embracing the new curriculum and had a lot to say about the program. Connor, a 7th grader at Y.A.L.E. School, particularly enjoys the way iReady Math makes learning fun.

“I love how, when I answer questions correctly, I earn coins. Then, at the end of the lesson, if I’ve earned enough coins, I get to play a fun math game,” Connor recounts.