April 22, 2021


Notification of Return to 5-day Instruction at Y.A.L.E. School Mullica Township


Dear Parents & Guardians:


We are pleased to inform you that students at Y.A.L.E. School Mullica Township will resume five-day in-person instruction beginning Monday, May 3, 2021 with dismissal each day at 1pm. Y.A.L.E. School has notified your sending school districts that Wednesdays will no longer be remote for Y.A.L.E. Mullica Township students.


All transportation arrangements are coordinated by school districts. Should you have any questions or concerns about bus transportation, please contact the sending district.


Y.A.L.E. School will continue to follow all recommended Covid-19 mitigation strategies and protocols. As always, we appreciate the support and cooperation of our Y.A.L.E. School family. The health of our students, staff and their families is our number one priority. Please assist us by remaining vigilant to the current guidelines provided by health officials and to Y.A.L.E. updates as they are made available.


Should you have any questions about the return to five-day in-person instruction, or a concern of any kind, please feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher who will direct your inquiry to the appropriate Y.A.L.E. staff.



Y.A.L.E. School Administrative Team

November 10, 2020 – Cherry Hill

Dear Cherry Hill Parents, Guardians and Districts,

I would like to thank you for your cooperation over the past 14 days as we followed Department of Health guidelines. I am pleased to inform you that as anticipated, on Thursday, November 12, 2020, Y.A.L.E. Cherry Hill will reopen to in-person students. Those enrolled in remote learning will continue in that manner.

Please also note that school hours for all students will once again be 8:30 am to 1:00 pm daily as of Thursday, November 12th. Wednesdays will remain remote for all.


Fred Gruber

Campus Director