Fran P.

Therapist, clinician, or medical professional

“It has been my pleasure to work as a speech and language pathologist at the YA.L.E. School in Voorhees.  The staff is excellent, very professional, caring and supportive of each and every student.  They provide a positive academic and social learning environment for the students. The staff is friendly and courteous to new professionals in the school.  Each day at work was enjoyable and rewarding!”

Jennifer J.


“We continue to be amazed at the progress Olivia has made since starting Y.A.L.E. She has overcome significant challenges and grown academically, socially, and behaviorally.”

Sue R.


“Y.A.L.E. School has been a dream come true for our family. Our daughter is being taught what she needs in a supportive and loving environment. The staff is remarkable! They take such good care of my child. When I first visited, the case manager said, “If your home life with your child is not improving while your child is attending Y.A.L.E., then we aren’t doing our job.” They are doing their job!”

Elias W.


“My wife and I are very happy that we found Y.A.L.E. and got our son admitted into the program. The staff are very qualified, very professional and focused on the educational and growth needs of the students. We see the progress that our son has made—now he sits and plays board games with us at home and the tantrums he used to have are gone—things we now take for granted. In hindsight, we had feared we would never see him get to this level. Even though he still has quite a few years to go at Y.A.L.E., we are already wishing the program could keep him for longer. Y.A.L.E. is a world of a difference from other programs. We know this, because we took our son from a program that promised much but did not deliver.”

Terri H


“My son has been with Y.A.L.E. School for a long time and I wouldn’t have it any other way! The staff is amazing! Jarrett has come such a long way and this school is a VERY big part of that. They take the students on outings to many different places, and the kids have a lot of fun while learning! They definitely feel like family! I know for a fact I’ll be sad when he graduates!”

Tara and Erik L


“To find that Y.A.L.E. School employs two BCBAs is a rarity. All the teachers, aides and direct care staff are trained in ABA principles, which means when my daughter is walking down the hall every person knows exactly how to interact and respond to her even when she is not a member of their own classroom. Having this continuity through the school makes for a better learning environment. All of the staff members have become like family to us. We could not be prouder to call Y.A.L.E. School “our home”!”

Mark Roman

School District CST, Case Manager

“It has been a pleasant experience working as a case manager with the Y.A.L.E. School Voorhees campus. The staff and administration are always friendly and courteous. They provide a positive and welcoming climate for students, families and case managers. The students are well managed and given individual care for their specific needs. I praise the staff for the tremendous effort they place forth for the students and their families.”

Carol and Robert E.


“Y.A.L.E. School has the curriculum and resources necessary to address our child’s level of autism. The energetic teaching staff works endlessly to adjust individualized strategies to maximize the learning environment of each child.”

Barbara B.


“Y.A.L.E. School recognizes that education and behavioral issues are not a one-way street and that cooperation with parents to resolve any issues or to further reinforce the interventions taking place at home are necessary. I will always recommend Y.A.L.E. to any parent or caregiver of an autistic child.”