Terri H


“My son has been with Y.A.L.E. School for a long time and I wouldn’t have it any other way! The staff is amazing! Jarrett has come such a long way and this school is a VERY big part of that. They take the students on outings to many different places, and the kids have a lot of fun while learning! They definitely feel like family! I know for a fact I’ll be sad when he graduates!”

Madeline T.


“My son attended Charter school when they noticed he wasn’t learning at the pace the other children were.  The social worker there told me to visit Y.A.L.E. School Audubon and speak to the teachers and staff. Upon arrival, I met with Mr. John Wilson and he told me all the great things about the program. My son went through changes. He was shutting down and he didn’t want to speak to anyone. A couple of days later I decided for him to go to the Audubon campus. I’m so glad I did because this was the best decision for my son. He has flourished. He speaks so highly of everyone there. The teachers and staff are awesome. With the help of these amazing teachers he is reaching his academic goals. Y.A.L.E. School Audubon Rocks!”

Regina & Matthew P.


“My son Matthew has attended Y.A.L.E. School Audubon for the last two years.  The programs are consistent and follow a specific process.  Also along with maintaining skills learned, maintenance is very important to my child’s needs.  Assessments are taken to keep your child in check along with specialist as needed.  Daily activity reports are supplied with detailed information.  Community outings for the kids are engaging.  To see the data and progress is amazing, I have real/true information about my child.  I wish I have moved my son to Y.A.L.E. School sooner, love the communication.”

Fallon D.


“A few weeks ago I visited the Green Tech Lab in Cherry Hill with my mom to observe my brother, Zachary D.  We arrived at Green Tech prior to the students’ arrival.  As the students were approaching the building, Zachary had a meltdown on the bus ride.  Several staff members were needed to assist Zachary in order to calm him before entering Green Tech. We waited inside with Mr. James who updated us towards Zachary’s status.  The staff handled the situation in a way that left an impression on me even days after this occurred.  They did this so calmly, professionally, and reliably, that I could tell that they all knew exactly how to handle this kind of situation.  I was extremely impressed and I felt so secure knowing that my brother has great teachers like these.  Zachary is so blessed to be going to such an amazing school, and I know from that from this experience that he is being led in the right direction.  I was in awe over how incredibly they handled a situation like this.  I am so pleased and grateful to know that Zachary is going somewhere every day where he is so deeply cared for and loved.  I also just wanted to thank all of the amazing staff that is taking such good care of my brother.  They all go above and beyond expectations, and are wonderful at what they do.  Thank you so much for letting me witness how great this school is for my brother.”

Daniel W.


“Y.A.L.E. is largely responsible for saving a “lost child”. George was floundering at his public middle school, both academically and socially. He has become indiscernible from any typical child, thanks to Y.A.L.E.!”

Cathleen S-J

Audubon Public School District

“I have consulted at Y.A.L.E. School’s Audubon campus for three years. During that time, I have found the staff to be committed, professional and able to teach autistic students with specific strategies designed to maximize the acquisition of appropriate behaviors, as well as improve academic skills. I have seen the academic improvement specifically using direct instruction.”

Donna L.


“Finding Y.A.L.E. was like winning the lottery. Our 8-year-old son is now being educated in a safe environment where he is recognized as the UNIQUE individual that he is. Placing him into this ABA-based program halfway through second grade was the best decision we ever made. He is achieving goals at such an amazing pace! Kudos to the Audubon staff. What you have done for our son and and our family is like a dream come true. Thanks for being part of our extended family!”

Jean R.


“Y.A.L.E. has changed not only my son’s life but my life as well. The changes in my son are immeasurable. For years, just getting him to school was a challenge. Every day was a battle. Today, after only a few months, he gets on the bus daily, without challenge and looks forward to his school day. He participates in gym including being goalie for hockey and even attempting basketball! Despite many years of encouragement he had never participated or engaged in any sport or athletic event before.

Cheryl M.


“My son has thrived behaviorally and academically over the last couple of years. Thank you for teaching my son many, many things beyond what other programs offer.  Most of all, thank you for showing your love and compassion for our kids each and every day!”

Tina A.


“Y.A.L.E. School is fabulous! Since my son started at the age of six, all of his teachers and the staff have been wonderful. They have helped my son excel to higher levels and to work well with the other children. I love the school.”