Green Tech Activity Lab, where adolescents and young adults on the autism spectrum have the opportunity to improve work-readiness skills through hands-on learning.

Y.A.L.E School’s Green Tech Activity Lab provides an exciting and unique approach to pre-vocational instruction for high school and young adult students with autism spectrum disorders. We give our students an opportunity to improve their work-readiness skills with hands-on learning—preparing them for future paid employment. Students are engaged in a variety of timed, structured, high interest activities selected from the GTAL Library collection of project based kits. The growth of skills demonstrated across time will help students, parents and school districts set realistic work goals and make informed choices about post-secondary options.

The Green Tech Activity Lab will allow educators to assess each student’s skills, not only in the ‘hard’ skills for certain industries, but also the ‘soft skills’ of work behavior and self-direction.

Students currently visit the Green Tech Activity Lab 2-3 times per week, and are exposed to a multitude of tasks ranging from sorting and assembly tasks, to cleaning skills, clerical skills, and even some basic computer skills like typing, and data entry. Students also participate in seasonal fundraising activities such as offering crafts, and holiday wrapping services to the community.

The students’ progress is tracked daily using several means of data collection to track key areas like independence, task completion, and fluency.

During their work sessions, all students participate in a token economy through which they earn access to highly preferred reinforcers. This system serves to promote and reinforce positive work behavior, and also incorporates the concepts of money, and choice making.

Our caring and patient job coaches and support staff are highly trained to provide valuable guidance and feedback to prepare students for work in the real world.

Green Tech Activity Lab helps unlock our students’ potential to achieve independent employment and self-direction. With our support they can access the work and life skills they need for transition in a safe and structured environment.

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